As a motorcycle rider living in North Wales I am deeply saddened by the tragic and horrific motorcycle accident that happened on the A5104 not two miles from our office.

The accident occurred on a stretch of road used by motorcyclists often on their way to the Ponderosa cafe on the Horseshoe pass as I myself have done on many occasions. The road leads from Penyffordd and involved a car and six motorcycles and lead to the loss of two motorcyclists with others sustaining non life threatening injuries.

The circumstances of the accident have not yet been release however the police and press have just revealed the names of the deceased motorcyclists as Nigel Davies aged 48 from Penyffordd and Steve Hill 49 from Frodsham.

I am a motorcyclist aged 49 living only a few miles away and so feel the loss intimately. It so easily could have been me and my utmost sympathy goes to all the families and friends affected by this terrible loss of life. As a regular rider of roads in North Wales and given my work with catastrophically injured bikers I know first hand how such accidents can devastate families and friends.  I will be watching developments closely and depending on the revealed circumstances I will lend my voice to any sensible safety measures or advice that can be salvaged from this terrible accident.

It is a reminder to all road users, motorcyclists and car drivers alike, of the vulnerability of everyone and we should all alter our driving to make such accidents less likely.

On behalf of myself and all my staff, some of whom knew the people involved, we send our deepest sympathy to all those affected.

Mark Lampkin