Three motorcyclists have died on North Yorkshire roads in the past month alone, taking the number of fatal motorcycle accidents in the past eight months to over double the number which was seen in the whole of 2012.

An unnamed motorbike rider was killed in a collision on the A163 North Duffield near Selby at the beginning of August and shortly afterwards a second rider suffered serious injuries near the A168-A59 junction.

Fatal motorcycle accident

Most motorcycle fatalities are caused by excess speed.

A 60-year old motorcyclist was fatally injured in a collision near Ripon less than a week earlier and the same day a collision between a motorcycle and a car on the B1257 near Helmsley killed two people.

With the number of fatal accidents stacking up fast, the North Yorkshire Police are appealing to motorcyclists to slow down and not ride beyond their capabilities.

Seven out of every ten motorcycle accident fatalities are caused by rider error, which in the majority of cases is speed.

Steve Beckwith, a motorbike officer with the force, said that while most riders “take it steady and enjoy their day out”, some overtake near junctions or on double white lines, fail to check their mirrors and ride as fast as possible – sometimes at 50mph over the speed limit.

Fiona Ancell, a road safety officer specialising in motorbikes at North Yorkshire County Council, said: “There are a few who use the roads as a racetrack, but there is no place for that because it is only a matter of time before, in the best case scenario, they are caught speeding or, in the worst case scenario, they are killed.”

Overstretched emergency services

Speaking bluntly, Chief Constable Tim Madgwick said: “We need to get the message across to the motorcycling community that while we want them to come to North Yorkshire and we want places like Helmsley to be popular, we don’t want them going home in a box.”

Mr Madgwick pledged to pursue irresponsible riders who pose a danger to themselves and other motorists using new camera vans to increase road safety and to reduce the workload of officers and emergency services, who he said are often overstretched at weekends.

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