Another serious incident on a level crossing has been reported by British Transport Police at 12.35 today near Doncaster.

Latest reports show that two female passengers in the car and a child have been taken to hospital whilst no one on the train appears to have been injured.

This highlights the need for extreme care on level crossings and no doubt a further enquiry into how these tragic events can happen. A recent request for an enquiry was turned down even though it showed that network rail had not properly assessed the risk at the site as reported by the BBC

There can be no greater danger of catastrophic injury than at a level crossing and every few months another tragedy occurs. Railways are dangerous and people, especially the young, do not always treat them with respect. But it is amazing how often seemingly sensible members of the public are injured through inattention. It remains to be seen if Network rail have done all they can in this instance to mimimise the risk and our thought in the meantime are with the victims and their families.

There are 8000 level crossings in the country which is a throw back to the 19th century when the network was started. Who then could have had the foresight to predict the volume of traffic crossing the tracks? It is estimated to cost around £1 million pounds for each crossing to make it entirely safe by constructing a bridge or tunnel a prohibitive cost. Injury lawyers who help families restore their lives after such incidents would argue that more needs to be done to mimimise risks at each and every site now so these incidents are reduced.