Community leaders have warned that a dangerous turning off the westbound A548 through Flint could cause a fatal accident if it is not addressed.

The Church Street road closure on Fridays poses a danger to motorists travelling along the busy A548.

During a recent Flint Town Council meeting, concerned councillors said that the signs in place at a perilous right turn onto Church Street were not enough to prevent an accident.

Motorists are especially at risk on a Friday, when drivers often fail to realise that Church Street is closed due to Flint market.

Despite a series of signs on the approach, drivers are often unaware of the road closure and are forced to rejoin fast moving traffic on the bypass.

An accident waiting to happen

Cllr Lorna Jones said she had had a number of near misses around the turning. She said: “It happens particularly with people who don’t normally drive through the town. There will be a major accident there.”

Cllr Jack Johnson said: “Someone is going to get killed.”

Calls were made at the meeting for a temporary one-way traffic system to be implemented or for the road to be coned off on Fridays, although Cllr Ian Roberts insisted the solution lies in putting up bollards.

He commented: “Flintshire Council has put up two enormous signs saying no right turn on the Fridays, but the problem is still there. Drivers won’t wait and you end up with two cars converging. The solution is it needs bollards.”

He added that the dangers are not only present on Fridays, saying that people regularly “go into the wrong lane and then try and nip out in front of the traffic”.

The concerns mainly revolved around vehicles turning right and cutting across heavy traffic flowing in the opposite direction.

Taking action

Neal Cockerton, head of assets and transportation at Flintshire Council said: “Highways officers are considering the possibility of enhancing the road signs sited on the approach to the Church Road/A548 Junction and will also take account of the Friday market held in Church Street as part of their assessment.”

Commenting on the concerns, Mark Lampkin, Principal Solicitor and founder and owner of Lampkin & Co Solicitors, said:

“All road users have a duty of care towards other motorists, so it is crucial to exercise caution at busy junctions like this and follow any warning signs.

“Local authorities also share these responsibilities and it is when the necessary protection is missing that accidents can occur.

“If an accident wasn’t your fault and there is evidence you were injured because of the negligence of someone else or that blame lies elsewhere, you are eligible to make a claim.”

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  1. steve

    This is a bad spot . agreed,but the traffic light timings really need looking at .top of church street is many people have sat there thinking omg when are they going to change. ?The turning for halkyn street coming off northop road is just a joke .that is an accident waiting to happen! These contribute to congestion which I feel has an affect on the bottom of church street at the lights. Time fir a rethink re think please!

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