After five accidents in five months, the owner of a motorcycle store in Rhosrobin has called for road safety outside her shop to be improved, citing that it is only a matter of time “before someone is killed”.

After five accidents in five months, is it time for Wrexham council to take action?

Joy Bolton, who owns Wrexham Motorcycle Centre on the Llay New Road, called for council action after learning that yet another vehicle had collided with the gates of her property on Friday (4 October).

A Welsh Ambulance Service spokesman confirmed that the emergency services were called to the scene at 5.38am to the Rhosddu Industrial Estate, where Mrs Bolton’s store is located.

He said: “We sent an emergency ambulance to the scene, and a man in his 20s with a head injury and a woman in her 20s with a leg injury were taken to Wrexham Maelor Hospital.”

Mrs Bolton said this was the fifth accident involving vehicles crashing into gates on the Industrial Estate, with all incidents occurring in the early hours of the morning.

Pedestrians ‘don’t stand a chance’

She explained that one of the collisions had damaged a bus stop on the opposite side of the road to the shop, stating that it was lucky no one was standing there at the time.

She added: “But what if it had happened an hour later, at 6.30am? There could be people waiting for the bus, walking to work or going to school.

“What if there had been kids standing at that bus stop? It doesn’t bear thinking about. Something has to be done about this stretch of road.

“If someone was walking past this part of road in the early morning, they wouldn’t have stood a chance. It is very dangerous.”

“It’s a fatal accident waiting to happen and how long will it be before someone is killed?”

She also stressed that the high accident rate on the section of road “can be harmful for business”.

Commenting on the news, Mark Lampkin, Principal Solicitor and founder and owner of Lampkin & Co Solicitor, said: “Wrexham council has a responsibility to continually monitor road casualty statistic data in the county and investigate areas of concern.

“They then have a duty to implement remedial measures to help bring down the number of casualties and make roads safer.

“If you have been involved in an accident and negligence or blame can be attributed elsewhere, you may be eligible to make a claim.”

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