A cyclist seriously injured in a collision with a van says that his helmet saved his life. Mr Stead, 36, was involved in the crash near his home in Scampton. Despite suffering from a fractured spine, serious ligament damage to his leg and breaks to his shoulder, left hand, thumb and finger, Mr Stead believes that it could have been much more serious had he not been wearing his helmet. He was airlifted from the scene by the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.


Mr Stead said, “One thing is certain – I’m very lucky to be here and if I hadn’t been wearing a helmet I’d either be brain-damaged or lying dead somewhere.” Despite facing a 6-month layoff from work and being dependent for the moment on a wheelchair and crutches, he’s thankfully still around to tell his tale. Mr Scampton may require further surgery but his wife says that he is “now making a great recovery.”

 Helmet saves life of injured cyclist

This highlights the importance of wearing a helmet when cycling. Thankfully, Mr Scampton was wearing his at the time of the accident but others are not so concerned about their safety. Studies have shown that a helmet can drastically reduce the risk of head injuries and severe brain damage caused as a result of a crash. In light of Mr Scampton’s lucky escape, we would urge all cyclists to ensure they don’t leave home without a helmet. This small piece of equipment can save your life!


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