Working on a large vehicle brings with it an enormous risk of injury. The weights of body and engine parts means that safe systems of work are essential and if an employer breaches his duty of care by failing to recognise the risk of an injury at work then often serious injury claims can arise.

One such incident involved our client who had worked as a HGV mechanic for in excess of 30 years. He was working in a mechanics pit underneath a vehicle and was under pressure as the vehicle was needed in the morning and the garage was short staffed due to illness. Our Flintshire worker was badly injured in an avoidable accident at work.

Injured at Work

What was normally a two man job was therefore done by him alone at the insistence of his employer and the inevitable happened. A large part of the suspension system was released and swung down striking him on the forehead, knocking him unconscious and leaving a serious wound that required a minor operation and has left a visible scar.

Not only that but the trauma and post concussion syndrome that followed this serious accident at work lead to a substantial period of lost earnings and treatment to overcome the condition and return to work.

We were delighted to have helped our client and secure him the compensation he so clearly deserved although we can’t help thinking that this injury could so easily have been avoided with even the most basic risk assessment of such an operation involving heavy vehicle parts.