Lampkin & Co Solicitors are delighted to announce their selection and approval for inclusion on the Limbless Association Legal Panel. Building upon decades of experience of looking after accident victims with catastrophic injuries the firm guarantees to maintain the highest possible standards of legal expertise and client care.

“We have built our practice on the mantra of making our clients so pleased with their result and the way we dealt with them that they will recommend us and we now obtain most of our new work this way” enthused Mark Lampkin, owner of the firm with a national reputation.

Lampkin & Co is particularly known for their work in helping motorcycle, scooter and pedal cycle accident victims, many of whom suffer traumatic amputation injuries, through the legal process in order to secure life securing compensation. “We believe that to properly look after clients with these life changing injuries we need to go the extra mile” continued Mark Lampkin. The firm insists on meticulous attention to detail and leaves no stone unturned in considering how a traumatic amputation will affect all aspects of the client’s future and making sure the client is compensated accordingly.

Lampkin & Co have access to a hand picked panel of medical and prosthetic experts and most importantly rehabilitation providers in order to ensure that not only is the legal case put in the best way possible but also that the client’s day to day needs during the recovery period are properly assessed, monitored and met.

The firm encourages clients not to contact insurance companies before taking expert legal advice particularly when the injury is as catastrophic as an amputation. “We have lost count of the cases that have been brought to us in a distressed state following an insurance company referring the client to the wrong legal team” states Mark Lampkin who successfully campaigned to help outlaw the practice of clients being referred to lawyers for cash. “Amputation cases are far too serious and complex to risk falling into the wrong hands.”

Traumatic amputations of upper and lower limbs at work is another specialist area of the firm’s work. These cases often involve very complicated analysis of work procedures, failure of risk assessment practices and detailed engineering evidence of workplace machine defects. The Government have recently introduced measures to make it more difficult for work accident victims to successfully claim, a change in the law the firm campaigned against. “We fought the changes but now we just have to work harder to ensure that justice is achieved for our clients” promised Mark Lampkin.

All initial consultations are free and the firm always act on a conditional fee (no win no fee) basis to provide a seamless, easy and risk free legal service for however long the case takes.

“I guarantee your case will be in safe hands” concluded Mark Lampkin.