• Lampkin & Co is an equal opportunities employer and we welcome applications for employment from all backgrounds.
  • We presently have 12 people engaged in the business broken down as follows:Gender breakdown as a percentage of all staff
Role Category Male Female
Partner/Owner 100%
Solicitor 100%
Other Fee Earners 40% 60%
Role Directly Support Fee Earner 25% 75%
Support 100%
Overall the firm is split 33% male 67% female

Our age distribution is:

12.5% aged 16-24

12.5% aged 25-34

25% aged 34-44

25% aged 45-54

All our staff who took part in our diversity survey are white British which is a reflection of the ethnicity of our area of North Wales where the latest figures reveal only a 1% non-white ethnic background.

Most recruitment is via local advertisements and recruitment agencies and as such all positions are open to all applicants from all backgrounds.