Leading personal injury firm Lampkin & Co based in Ewloe, North Wales have assembled an all female team of lawyers and assistants to tackle an influx of cases where vaginal mesh implants have failed and caused serious injury to female patients.

Often following a hysterectomy, menopause or childbirth female patients can suffer a prolapse of internal organs. A mesh was developed by pharmaceutical companies to be implanted and act as a hammock and has been used extensively. This synthetic mesh is surgically implanted through the vagina as opposed to the historic use of an abdominal incision.

In 2008 the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a public health warning revealing that serious complications and high failure rates were becoming apparent. These early warnings were well founded as failure rates increased and the outcomes at times became catastrophic. Lawyers in America have successfully sued for severely injured clients and due to high profile campaigns, victims in the UK are now seeking advice about taking legal action.


Pictured is Donna Hodge, Solicitor (far left) and her all female team at Lampkin & Co Solicitors, Ewloe.

“This is ground breaking and vital litigation” said Donna Hodge, Senior Solicitor at Lampkin & Co. “We are representing female clients who have had their lives destroyed by the failure of these medical devices with symptoms ranging from bleeding to chronic pain requiring further surgery. These products should have been properly tested before being released on the market and I am determined to hold those companies to account for my client’s injuries” she asserted.

Building on their expertise in medical device cases including metal on metal hip implant failure, Mark Lampkin, owner of Lampkins explains why his new team is essential. “Donna Hodge, and her team are absolutely committed to their clients. Having worked alongside Donna for twelve years I have every confidence in her abilities and the excellent team she manages.”

Several cases have been won in the US leading to awards of between five and eleven million dollars. Such legal actions taken in the British courts are subject to different legal rules and procedures and damages will be much lower and reflect individual claimant’s losses and some compensation for their pain and suffering.

“I would encourage anyone who may be suffering to seek advice” continued Donna Hodge. “However embarrassing it may feel these problems need treatment and nobody should suffer in silence”.


For further comment please contact Donna Hodge at Lampkin & Co Solicitors, Aled House, St David’s Park, Ewloe. CH5 3XA Tel 01244 525725