We recently acted for a client who sustained a head injury when struck by a taxi. Our client was actually at work when the accident happened as she was being dropped off by a work’s mini bus at the end of her shift.

The minibus was driven by a fellow employee and stopped on a road with double yellow lines  to allow our client and other work colleagues to alight near the staff car park. The problem however was that general traffice used the road and our client would have to cross the road to get to the carpark.

The driver of the minibus had been told that he should drive into the carpark to drop workers off but in order to save time he had fallen into the habit of stopping on the road.

Our client went to cross the road and was struck by a taxi who, whilst not speeding, was travelling at an inappropriate speed past a stationary vehicle. This collision caused our client’s head to hit the windscreen of the taxi and this caused her a minor head injury.

The claim was presented initially to the taxi driver’s insurance company who then tried to deflect liability on to the employers of the minibus driver, alleging that as he stopped at an illegal place he should carry some of the legal liability for the accident.

This lead to a long running legal battle which was further delayed as our client needed a long period of recovery and rehabilitation before the examining doctors could form an accurate view of our client’s prognosis.

She was diagnosed as suffering a minor brain injury however she was able to return to work and live a normal life as fortunately the long term effects of her traumatic head injury were minor. The award we achieve also took account of her loss of earnings and other fincancial losses.

This case highlights how dangerous it is to cross a road at an inappropriate place and how car drivers should be very careful when passing vehicles that have stopped to let passengers out.

As expert accident claim solicitors we are often asked to look after serious personal injury claims for pedestrians particularly following pedestrian accidents in London and other major cities.