Following the order of the Scottish parliament suspending the use of polypropylene mesh to in the surgical treatment of women, the New Zealand parliament has been discussing their stance on what they see as the greatest medical disaster to befall their country.

The New Zealand Herald newspaper reports that up to 30% of all treatments have led to serious and chronic pain caused by mesh implants and  that this indicates a defective medical product rather than a high number of mistakes being made by skilled surgeons.

A Government select committee heard from a woman affected by symptoms arising from a defective mesh implant. “This is an emerging global scandal, a medical disaster never been seen before in New Zealand,” Ms Berry told the health select committee yesterday.

Despite this the  Government responded that they believed the medical comany involved had done all they can to limit the risks and that surgical mesh when properly used has a low and acceptable complication rate.

At Lampkin & Co we are representing a growing cohort of female clients who are suffering horrific symptoms that they believe are caused by a breakdown of the mesh used in their surgery. If you have concerns and want to discuss this in confidence please contact our all female team.