When the Government of the day made insurance compulsory they created a huge multi billion pound industry. This only happened believe it or not in the 1970’s.

In return for them creating this huge and profitable market the Government insisted that all the insurers form the Motor Insurers Bureau and contribute to its funds in accordance with their market share. This fund would then be able to compensate victims of uninsured and untraced motorists.

We at Lampkin & Co Solicitors are motor insurance bureau claims experts having acted for hundreds of clients injured in this way.

This case concerned a passenger in a works vehicle when the driver lost control and caused her a moderate whiplash injury. It transpired that the company had literally made a mess of their insurance and the vehicle was not insured at the time. To make matters worse the company then went into liquidation so had no money to pay the compensation they owed to the innocent passenger.

We presented the passenger claim to the MIB and followed their strict procedure eventually being successful in acheiving a great award for our client’s whiplash injury.

Claims against uninsured motorists are difficult and challenging but often, as in this case, very worth while.