Even the most straighforward accident claims are traumatic for the victim and can lead to a prolonged period of suffering. In this case our client was a rear seat passenger in a vehicle that was stationary at a roundabout when another vehicle collided with the rear of the vehicle in which she was travelling.

Damage was caused to both vehicles and our client sustained a very common but very painful whiplash injury to her neck back and shoulders.

Recent publicity has led to a public perception that whiplash does not exist but we at Lampkin & Co recognise that our client’s often suffer considerably from burning pain in their necks backs and shoulders.

In particular females seem to suffer more because their heads still weigh the same but are supported by more slender necks so by the application of physics the forces sustained by those neck muscles are greater and so the neck injury is more severe.

Whilst our client was able to return to work after a few days her symptoms were set to last for around 9 months so an award for whiplash injuries of £2750 was secured by our legal work.