A Metropolitan Police detective suffered a broken jaw, eye socket and cheekbone and has lost several teeth after coming off her Vespa in Romford.

Nicola Bunton, 46, purchased her silver Vespa and first ever scooter in June, but fell off during an accident near Gallows Corner earlier this month.

In addition to suffering a broken jaw, eye socket and cheekbone, she had to have metal plates and screws inserted into her face after her scooter accident.

Broken jaw from scooter accident

Open-face helmets are very popular with scooterists but they do offer limited protection.

Ms Bunton, a detective on the Metropolitan Police Service’s child abuse investigation team, was on her way to Snaresbrook Crown Court on August 12 for a trial.

Witnesses required

She fell off her scooter at around 9.50am but has no memory of the incident. She is now appealing for witnesses as she attempts to piece the incident together.

She said: “All I can remember is approaching the flyover heading London-bound and the next thing I knew I was in hospital.

“I would love to know what happened.”

Ms Bunton was treated by paramedics at the scene, who placed her on a spinal board and in a neck collar before taking her to Queen’s Hospital for further treatment.

With no idea how the accident occurred and several months of experience driving the scooter, she is at a loss as to what happened two and a half weeks ago.

Open-face helmet

However, she admitted that her “trendy” helmet was the reason behind her extensive injuries.

She said: “I had a trendy open-face helmet on which looked great, but it is the reason my face is broken.

“The concussion is the thing that’s making me feel terrible at the moment. I have a good few weeks of recovery left,” she added.

But Ms Bunton’s multiple serious injuries have not put her off, as she hopes to get a new scooter following her recovery.

Commenting on the incident Mark Lampkin, owner and scooter accident specialist at Lampkin & Co said: “Open-face helmets are very popular with scooterists, particularly with those that are passionate about the style aspects of being in the scooter community. Over the years we’ve dealt with lots of injury claims for scooter accidents and unfortunately open-faced helmets do offer less protection than a full helmet so we’ve seen some quite serious facial injuries as a consequence.”