A leading rural insurer will run a farm safety course for budding farmers in a bid to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities in what is one of the UK’s most dangerous industries.

Overall in the UK, agriculture accounts for one in five British workplace deaths.

NFU Mutual is offering a farm safety course at the Elwich Women’s Institute Hall on 23 November to improve young farmers’ approach to health and safety in the workplace.

Research published by the organisation in April showed that over 10,000 people come close to an accident that risks causing physical harm when at work on a farm or agricultural setting each month.

Lampkin & Co Solicitors also published a piece recently unveiling research which named farming as one of the country’s most dangerous sectors in which to work.

Overall in the UK, agriculture accounts for one in five British workplace deaths, which is a shocking figure considering that farmers make up such a small percentage of the working population.

In Wales, farmers account for just 3% of the working population, but fatalities in the region in this sector are on an upward trend.

Taking action

The Vocational Qualification in Agriculture and Production Horticulture organised by NFU Mutual Risk Management Services is designed with those thinking about entering into a career in farming in mind.

Claire Sedgewick, Branch Manager at NFU Mutual in Sedgefield, said: “The course will help students to understand the health and safety risks of working on a farm and to help prevent accidents from occurring.”

NFU also launched its Farm Safety First campaign earlier this year with the objective of raising awareness of the dangers of working on farms and changing farmers’ behaviour.

Ms Sedgewick continued: “We believe that by educating a wider group of people we can get our messages through to people working on farms and hopefully reduce the number of these tragic accidents.”

If you have sustained an injury in the workplace that was not your fault or the result of someone else’s negligence, we can pursue an accident at work claim on your behalf.