As scooter accident solicitors we at Lampkin & Co Solicitors have to deal with the aftermath of serious injuries sustained by scooterists and have recently settled such a claim within 7 months from the date of the accident.

Our client who is a mad keen scooterist and has been riding Vespa scooters since the age of 16 sustained massive injuries from his scooter accident. A commercial van turned across his path causing catastrophic injuries to his leg and arm. Due to our reputation for looking after local scooterists  the client contacted us for help and advice and we were only too delighted to come to his aid.

Despite the fact that his injuries would inevitably take years to settle we made quick progress towards forcing the insurers of the van to admit liability and engage in rehabilitation. We also advised our client that due to the substantial nature of his claim he would be filmed by surveillance cameras as the insurance company would want to see if the injury was as serious as we were saying.

Serious Injury Claim

Our client had sustained serious injuries and had undergone many operations to regain as much function in his arms and legs as possible and so his injuries were there to be seen. Sure enough our client recognised a small silver car parked outside his house for many weeks and this was undoubtedly a surveillance unit despatched to obtain evidence upon our client.

Quite often these videos can be used to trick clients and can act against them when, on a good day, they do venture out to go shopping. Our clients injuries from his scooter accident we way too severe to have any implication that he was malingering.

In a bizarre twist this led to the insurance company making a massive pre proceedings offer to our client and with our careful analysis he made the decision to accept the award of compensation for his serious accident claim which will make sure that his future at least from a financial point of view will be secure for life.

Our client was so pleased with our help and advice and the outcome of the case that he is determined to bring his case and our help to the attention of other scooterists by attending shows etc. We wish him all the best in his continued recovery and are delighted that our reputation as scooter accident claims specialists continues to grow.