An expanding area of our work as injury lawyers involves handling claims for compensation arising from catastrophic injuries sustained whilst undergoing elective surgery and beauty treatments.

One such area is in relation to negligently performed weight loss surgery. A dramatic example of how seriously this kind of operation should be taken is shown in a case presently being handled by us.

We cannot for matters of client confidentiality give any details of the case but as quite often happens in this area of work we are appealing for any other victims of negligent cosmetic surgery to come forward especially if they have had surgery performed in the North West of England.

We are concerned that the treatment given to our client was so substandard that we have grave reservations as to whether the Doctor performing the treatment was qualified at all.

We are researching the background of the Doctor but cannot at this stage reveal his name. We are asking anyone affected or injured during a liposuction procedure carried out privately to contact us urgently.

This appeal for information may help us identify a pattern of negligent medical treatment that we will be able to show to the relevant authorities to prevent further injury to vulnerable patients undergoing weight loss surgery.

Please contact us with any relevant information and ask for our cosmetic negligence team of lawyers.