This very unusual case highlights the need for all taxi’s to be registered so that should the worst happen then accident victims will be able to recover compensation for their injuries.

In this case our client was a passenger in a taxi travelling around the Liverpool area when the taxi collided with a rising bollard. These bollards give remote controlled access to buses and emergency vehicle but not taxi’s.

On this occasion for reasons that remain unknown the taxi driver attempted to follow an ambulance through some rising bollards but the inevitable happened and our client sustained a whiplash injury to her neck and back when a collision occurred. At the time she did not think she had sustained a whiplash injury but the next morning awoke in terrible pain and sought medical attention.

She had not taken details of the taxi or the driver however we carried out extensive enquiries and traced the taxi firm and later the insurance company of the driver. The taxi firm have an excellent reputation and cooperated fully with our investigation. Had the company not behaved in such a way then our client may have been denied the opportunity to be compensated for her one year whiplash injury for which we obtained an award of £3710

bollards are becoming a regular feature of inner city roads and are designed to only allow access to certain vehicles.

Most of them allow