A woman left suffering from brain damage as a result of being harmed as a baby has been awarded £7 million in compensation. The criminal injuries tribunal had originally awarded her a sum of £215,000 in 2005 when the case was first heard. However, the case was left open for the eventuality that she would require a further award to pay for care fees. The case was returned to the tribunal and the damages for her injury were reassessed alongside her future care costs. She was awarded a total of £6,581,018 (after deductions), £4.5m of which was in respect of care.

Court of Protection Deputy Karen Pratt commented that “the compensation will allows us to provide the type of home environment [she] needs”. The care provided consists of 10 carers working in a 24 hour shift pattern, a car for the carers to take her out of the house, a sensory room and all other required equipment. The money will be invested and managed on the woman’s behalf, with any unused funds upon her passing being returned to the criminal injuries fund.

The woman’s mother spoke out to describe the relief that the award has given to her, as it is an assurance that she will be looked after if her parents are ever unable to do so. She explained that: “the most important thing for us is that we know she will be looked after for the rest of her life in her own home, with her own things around her, and cared for and stimulated by care professionals”.