Following snowfall in March that was the heaviest for over 30 years, Wrexham Council is implementing “lessons learned” by preparing a gritting fleet and stocking up on 8,000 tonnes of salt for winter.

Wrexham Council is preparing for wintery road conditions following heavy snowfall last March.

Warnings are already being issued to residents and road users around potential ice and snow disruption as the UK begins to shiver in the wintery weather.

But with forecasts from Vantage Weather Services predicting one of the harshest winters on record, the authority is not taking any chances.

The council has 15 gritters, three quad bikes, two towable gritters and five demountable gritters at the ready to tackle the possibility of severe weather conditions.

They have also stocked up on 8,000 tonnes of salt in order to maintain road safety over the winter months.

“Lessons learned”

Figures showed that the authority’s contact centre received more than 11,000 phone calls in just three days from March 25-27 this year, compared with an average of 700 calls across a three-day period.

Wrexham Council said that a full debrief has taken place into the lessons learned from battling the heavy snowfall last winter.

Cllr Bob Dutton, lead member for environment, said: “We are prepared for the winter months. Whilst everyone is hoping for a mild winter, we are encouraging residents to make sure they are also ready for any disruption caused by snow, ice or prolonged severe weather.

“Our environment department has spent the spring and summer months filling its salt stores and now has 8,000 tonnes of salt in stock – that’s more than was used all last winter.”

A white Christmas?

The Met Office has dismissed predictions of a particularly harsh winter, saying it is “far too early to tell” and that the science “simply doesn’t exist to make detailed, long-term forecasts for temperature and snowfall”.

Commenting on the news, Mark Lampkin, Principal Solicitor and founder and owner of Lampkin & Co Solicitors, said:

“It’s great to see that the council is preparing for winter already and taking their legal responsibility around road safety seriously.

The winter weather brings a surge of road accidents but this can be kept in check by ensuring roads are clear of snow and ice.”

If you have been involved in an accident that was not your fault and blame or negligence can be proved to lie elsewhere – such as with a local authority or another road user – we can pursue a personal injury claim on your behalf.