The parents of a young man who was reportedly struck by the wing mirror of a minibus as he crossed the road have relayed their gratitude that the incident “wasn’t any more serious than it was”.

The victim has been taken out of intensive care and is currently in a “stable” condition in Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

Sam Prandle, 24, was walking home earlier than usual when he crossed the road at the junction of St Giles Way and Salop Road, where police believe he was hit by a wing mirror of a passing minibus.

The collision occurred on Saturday (2 November) at 11.30pm and left Mr Prandle, who installs children’s play areas around Wrexham, with broken front teeth, a broken nose and potential damage to his foot.

His parents, Shaun and Eve Prandle, who have run the Traveller’s Rest pub on Kingsmill Road in Hightown, said their son had been taken out of intensive care and is currently in a “stable” condition in Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

However, they said he has no recollection of the accident.

Worried family speak of their “terrible shock”

Eve, 49, said: “As Sam doesn’t recall the accident, we don’t really know what happened. But the police have told us they think he was struck by the wing mirror.

“The police came round to tell us he’d been hurt at about 2am – it was a terrible shock

“He’s broken his front teeth, got a broken nose and might have some damage to his foot. However, when you put it in perspective, they are all fixable things.”

Sam’s father Shaun, 58, said: “He was walking home from town but he doesn’t normally come home that early – I suppose it was just fate that he had to be crossing the road when the minibus was driving past.

It’s just one of those things but he’s alive and well, bar a few broken bones and we can all live with that.”

“It could’ve been so much worse.”

Sam’s sister, Shauna, 28, said: “Normally I get a call off him on a Saturday night asking to let him in because he’s forgotten his keys – I’d rather have got that call on Saturday rather than the call from my mum telling me what had happened.

“We’re just relieved he’s okay.”

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