As a pedestrian, you’d expect a degree of safety from cars when standing on the pavement. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Vehicles can and do hit pedestrians who are on the pavement or in a driveway. Injuries sustained by pedestrians in these cases can be very serious; there’s no lifesaving protection for the pedestrian to rely on, unlike the clothing and helmet sported by a motorcyclist for example. The potential for head injury is perhaps the most worrying consequence.


We represented a client who was stood in a driveway speaking to his friends when a car mounted the kerb and continued over the pavement. The car didn’t stop and hit our client, throwing him to the ground. His injuries were a cause for concern as he’d been thrown to the ground with such force that the tarmac had been damaged.

The ambulance service took him to the hospital on a spinal board, wary that anything can happen with a head injury. Miraculously, no bones had been broken but he was suffering with plenty of lacerations and soft tissue damage to his neck and back. The injury to his head required fifteen stitches to close but he had very luckily managed to escape a much more serious head injury.


In addition to the head injury, there was also a degree of psychological damage caused by the accident. A psychologist provided a report on this and commented that our client was suffering from a degree of post-traumatic stress. This came in conjunction with some other psychological problems, such as car-related anxiety. This is entirely understandable, especially given the surprising nature of the accident.


This personal injury claim including a head injury and psychological damage settled for the total sum of £10,000. Thankfully, our client’s head injury healed well; other than a scar hidden by his hair to remind him of the accident, he’s made an excellent recovery.