The debilitating effect of a leg injury claim can entail all sorts of additional expenses. From the care needed around the house to the lost wages from a significant period off work, it all adds up. We understand this and will collect evidence for each and every part of a claim to ensure our clients are fully compensated for their leg injury claim.


Our client was hit by a car which reversed into him as he was waiting to cross the road. The driver had proceeded past him and then began to reverse, at no point being aware of his presence. The collision knocked our client to the ground, breaking his leg in two places. He was taken to hospital and kept in for 4 days. He had a procedure to insert several pins to hold the bones in his leg together.


After he was able to leave the house, he visited us at our offices to discuss making a leg injury claim. We talked him through what to expect and gave him a care diary to note down all of the assistance he received from his family. This is an important element in each claim such as this. The victim is unable to care for themselves and the assistance provided by their friends and family are taken into consideration when the level of compensation is assessed.


The defendant’s insurers in this case alleged that the accident was partly down to our client. Knowing the circumstances of the accident fully through the statement of a witness, we refuted these claims designed purely to reduce the level of compensation. The defendant was actually prosecuted in relation to the incident and found guilty of driving without due care and attention.


The claim comprised of many items, such as loss of earnings, damaged personal goods, care and assistance and of course the leg injury itself. The complexity of having many different aspects of a claim is an example why it is beneficial to have experienced legal representation on your side.


Despite the allegations from the insurers we continued to progress the case and eventually settled this leg injury claim for a sum of £40,000.