We have just concluded a major case for a pedestrian injured when knocked over by a car. This was not however a straighforward case as the circumstances were bizarre.

The accident occurred when our client was visiting a car service centre and one of the employees was moving a customer’s vehicle and collided with our client who was walking towards the reception area. Our client was knocked to the floor and didn’t infact realise at the time that he had sustained a fractured hip.

The matter was further complicated by the fact that he was infact an amputee having lost a leg to the effects of diabetes. The fracture to his remaining leg obviously caused great disruption to our client’s mobility and had a dramatic impact upon his life. We are specialist amputation injury claim lawyers and have been appointed to the legal panel of the Limbless Association Our work in dealing with traumatic amputation claims allows us to keep abreast of recent developments in the technology of prothetics and to be familiar with issues that affect amputation patients.

This case was different as it did not involve a traumatic amputation but the effect of having a fractured hip for a lower limb amputation client necessitated deep thought as to our client’s legal claim. Here at Lampkin & Co as we specialise in serious injury cases and adopt a strict “get to know your client” philosophy. Because of this we engaged extensively in forensically analysing our client’s rehabilitation and occupationa therapy needs.

We also had to consider carefully how the fracure of our client’s affected limb would restrict his mobility into the future and what adaptations to his prostheses could be made. Our client was already retired so his financial losses were reduced because he had not suffered any earnings loss.

Quite often when dealing with amputation injury claims we have to consider if a client can raise a claim for adaptations to his home environment. In this case however our client was already an amputee so this aspect was not apparent.

We were delighted to have achieved a substantial award of personal injury compensation for our charming and deserving client.