We acted for a young female client who was injured as  a passenger in a speeding vehicle. The driver collided with the rear of an articulated lorry causing a substantial impact. Our client remembers being cut out of the wreckage by firemen which was clearly a traumatic event.

Our client suffered a deep laceration to her forehead that would be a permanent scar. She also developed migraine headaches and had some increased risk of epilepsy. Given the nature of the injury being a potential brain injury from a road traffic collision, we arranged full investigations including CT scans and full psychological and psychiatric as well as neourpsychological reports.

Fortunately our client had managed to recover well and despite sustaining a major impact to her head she was able to become her normal self and return to work after a period of convalesence.

Her friends and family were interviewed as part of our “get to know your client” policy that we believe is vital when dealing with serious injury claims. These statements revealed some change of personality but not to the extent we first feared.

We are delighted to have achieved substantial compensation that will help our young client and provide some financial security whilst she rebuilds her career.

We are also delighted to have helped her and her family by fully investigating her medical position. It is often overlooked how important it is for seriously injured road accident victims to get full reports and scans so that they can be certain about their medical diagnosis and prognosis.