Due to recent changes introduced by the Government in their last term, most road traffic accident cases are now dealt with between claimant lawyers and the other party’s insurers on a portal system and this was one such case.

We received instructions to act for  a female driver of a car that collided with another vehicle that emerged from a side road. Our client had severe whiplash symptoms in her neck and back and sought our advice immediately.

We advise car accident victims to think before contacting their insurers because once they make that call then their details will be passed to huge claims handling organisations and they can be lost in the system.

We took action immediately by searching the motor insurance database and used the online portal system for low value road traffic accident claims operated by the Ministry of Justice.  Under this system insurance companies are instantly notified that there is a claim being made against one of their insured drivers. They then have strict time limits to admit liability and deal with the claim against them.

In this case we had to negotiate hard because the original offer made under the system was way below an award that could be expected in court for a common whiplash injury.

The settlement we achieved using this portal system meant that the insurance company only had to pay a small fixed amount of costs. The whole purpose of this system is to reduce the amount of costs insurance companies have to pay for legal costs.

Our client was delighted that her award was the right amount of compensation for her whiplash injuries and that we were able to deal wlith her claim so quickly but still giving her an excellent client service.

Whilst most of our work is for serious injury claims we still get an enormous amount of satisfaction dealing with low value but still important claims.