If you’re injured in a road traffic accident, your main concern will always be recovering from your injuries. Depending on the severity of the injuries, symptoms can take anywhere from a few months to years to resolve. We recognise that the injury recovery process is important to victims and look to help our clients in any way we can. Physiotherapy is very effective in helping those suffering from injuries to get back on to their feet and reducing their pain.


We dealt with the case of a lady who was stationary at the entrance to the Medbourne roundabout in Milton Keynes. A large van, not braking properly, crashed into the back of her car. Our client took herself to A&E in a taxi after the accident and was diagnosed with soft tissue damage to her back and neck in addition to a ‘Grade II AC joint disruption’ – a painful shoulder joint injury.


We organised for our client to see a medical expert who recommended she undergo physiotherapy and see a specialist. The specialist confirmed that the physiotherapy would help our client cope with her injuries and seconded her referral to a physiotherapist. He also recommended an x-ray guided injection for her shoulder.

We managed to get an interim payment from the driver’s insurers to pay for these treatments. This allowed our client to start her rehabilitation as soon as possible. In a follow up appointment after her 12 physiotherapy sessions and injection, our client was much better and almost back to normal. The pain she did still experience was lessened when she performed the exercises shown to her by the physiotherapist.


This claim settled for over £9,600, including the costs of her physiotherapy treatment and injection. We’re happy to have not only ensured she receives compensation for her injuries but also that she has recovered from them so she no longer suffers as a result of the accident.