We are proud to announce that we have successfully negotiated a settlement of over £2,000.00 for a client who was unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident, one of many such clients we have helped to receive the compensation they are entitled to. Unfortunately the roads can be a breeding ground for accidents as even a safe driver can fall victim to treacherous road conditions or, in this case, the recklessness or negligence of another road-user.

Our client was stationary in his Mercedes work van at the entrance to the A14 slip road to Cambridge when a fellow road user failed to brake in time and collided with force into the rear of his vehicle. Our client attended their GP’s surgery following the accident and was diagnosed as having sustained torn neck muscles and whiplash injuries as a result. The week-long holiday our client had booked and had been eagerly looking forward to was ruined by these injuries. This important aspect of his suffering was reflected in an enhanced award of compensation, something which is often overlooked in assessing the damages payable to whiplash victims.

Injured motorist receives more compensation due to loss of holiday

We submitted our client’s claim to the insurers of the vehicle responsible for causing the accident, eventually receiving their full admission of liability. After receiving expert medical evidence to prove the extent of our client’s injuries, we then sent this to the insurers and began our negotiations over the value of the compensation due to our client. We managed to raise their offer from a small amount, much less than the client’s injuries and the distress they had caused were worth, to an amount in excess of £2,000.00, which reflected the loss of enjoyment of his holiday.

We would advise anybody who has been the victim of careless drivers and has had to cancel a holiday as a result to allow us to help. This client got his money back for loss of enjoyment of the holiday, but in similar cases we have even secured reimbursement of the entire cost of the holiday if we could show it was unavoidable.