Car accidents are always traumatic and upsetting and this case although it thankfully only involved a low speed impact caused our client who is a secretary nagging pain over 7-9 months. This pain and trauma was magnified when our client who can be described as a fine upstanding member of the community faced a scurrilous allegation of whiplash fraud from the other party’s insurance company.

The media is awash with stories of crash for cash whiplash scams and unfortunately the insurers in this case picked on the wrong person to make this allegation against. Our client is delightful and was genuinely injured by this collision in a superamarket car park caused wholly by another motorist reversing out of a parking space without looking.

It transpired that the other motorist, who was totally unconnected with our client had been involved in another accident just one month earlier. The insurance company seized upon this to make a completely unfounded allegation of whiplash fraud against our blameless client.

As expert road traffice collision lawyers we had no option but to call our client in and tell her that if these allegations were proved then she could be in serious trouble and even face proceedings for contempt of court or perjury. Thankfully she was braved and placed her trust in us as her legal team and we duly issued court proceedings.

These proceedings were initially strongly contested but using our forceful arguements we showed that both our client and ourselves were prepared to go all the way to a full trial to justify her claim for compensaiton.

Faced with this strength the inurers backed down and paid our client the whiplash compensation she rightfully deserved.

We advise anyone who faces an unsustantiated accusation of whiplash fraud to contact us for a free confidential consultation about how to defeat an inurance company.