This case shows how important it is for victims of road traffic accidents to have expert injury lawyers even when the injuries may be considered as minor.

In this case our client was proceeding along the major road when another vehicle emerged from a side road directly into collision with the side of our client’s vehicle. This caused some minor damage and our client suffered a whiplash injury to her neck as a result.

She took medical advice and was prescribed painkillers and took just one day off work. The neck injury although painful was thankfully short lived and our client was predicted to recover within 8 months from the date of her accident.

Initially we believed this to be a straighforward case and the matter was handled in accordance with the low value road traffic accident portal scheme whereby we deal with the claim directly with the “at fault” insurer via a computer portal system. We were very surprised however to receive a bold denial of liability and so we had to react by engaging expert engineers and obtain a full accident location report.

This then allowed us to argue that the physical evidence of the car accident clearly showed that our clietn could not be blamed in any way for the collision. This enabled us to obtain a 100% award in favour of our client for her 8 month whiplash injury.

This case also shows that despite the media and government constantly claiming that whiplash claims are fraudulent in most cases the injury is genuine and the victim deserves compensation.