The scooter scene in the UK is now massive thanks to a MOD revival and young riders opting for two wheels as opposed to four due to prohibitive insurance costs. We attract a lot of scooterist clients given our reputation and extensive marketing in scooter magazines with Scootering being the biggest.

Being scooter accident claim specialists we were approached by three riders who were on their way back from the Isle of Wight rally last year and had a very unusual scooter accident. They were riding their vintage Lambretta’s and Vespas and came to a hump backed bridge on a small country road. As they were descending on the other side they all hit a patch of oil or diesel on the road and all skidded and fell from their bikes causing substantial damage and sustaining nasty injuries.

The police were called given the serious nature of the incident and the road was closed until made safe by the highway authority. The police, somewhat unusually, tried to investigat the cause of the spillage on the carriageway and attended at several local haulage yards but were unable to establish which was to blame for the spill.

Originally our clients thought they had no claim as they could not identify the responsible party however we informed them that they could claim for some of their losses from the Motor Insurer’s Bureau which is funded by all the major insurance companies and will compensate victims of untraced motorists.

We have raised a claim for our client’s injuries and the cases are presently pending.  We advise riders who have a potential scooter accident on oil or diesel to contact us for expert legal advice as this case shows that we can help get compensation in the most unusual of road traffic accidents.