We have an enviable reputation as scooter accident claim specialists. Due to our extensive experience in this particular field coupled with a genuine interest in scootering, we’re able to deal effectively with any scooter accident claims and ensure our clients receive the level of compensation they’re entitled to. We received a scooter accident claim from another firm, who asked that we take over conduct of a client’s file as it would require specialist personal injury knowledge.


This young client had been driving his scooter along a dual carriageway when a car on the opposite side turned right across the carriageway. The driver had pulled out without seeing our client, which left him no time to manoeuvre his scooter out of the way. He collided with the side of the car and was thrown to the ground. An ambulance was called to the scene to take him to hospital.


Scans revealed that he had broken bones throughout his right leg, including his thigh and kneecap. A nail was fitted into his thigh, whilst his knee was plated and wired. As can be imagined, the operation also caused extensive scarring to his leg. Later onset symptoms included psychological trauma, which had a profound effect on his ability to get back to a state of normality.


Our client was intending to pursue a career as a plasterer after completing the relevant courses. This was cruelly taken from him due to his scooter accident. The pain associated with standing and kneeling for extended periods of time made this impossible for him. He even attended a different course for engineering in its place but his knee gave way during the course and he was unable to continue.


We factored the loss of earnings and gratuitous care rates in to his scooter accident claim and managed to settle it at £27,000. Our client is now employed full time in a job where he can sit down if needed and we wish him the best of luck in his career.