Roundabouts can be a particularly dangerous place for scooterists and motorcyclists. There is a reliance on other road users being able to see them, which is sometimes a problem as drivers can look right through anything on two wheels when scanning for cars. This is part of the reason why roundabouts are so prolific in terms of accidents. Department for Transport statistics show that there were a total of 14,235 accidents on roundabouts reported in 2013.


We acted for a client recently who was a victim of carelessness on a roundabout. He was established on a roundabout in Wednesbury when a car pulled out without looking and hit the back of his Lambretta scooter. This caused our client to be thrown from his scooter and land in the road. Police and the ambulance service attended at the scene. He was diagnosed as having abrasions and soft tissue injuries to his shoulder, foot, elbow, knee and neck, as well as a chipped bone in one of his toes. Our client had to use crutches for a few weeks after the accident and had to take time off work.


Liability for the accident was initially denied by the driver’s insurance. We contacted a witness who was on the roundabout at the time of the accident and he provided us with a statement. The witness confirmed our client’s version of events. The driver had pulled out without giving way to our client who was established on the roundabout. Our client had a list of losses which we helped him to recover, such as a new crash helmet, loss of earnings, damage to his scooter and taxi charges for the period he couldn’t drive.


We recovered all of these losses and of course dealt with the personal injury aspect of her claim. We also managed to recover a loss of bonus in relation to our client’s wages. He regularly worked overtime so we provided backdated wage slips in order to prove that this was a regular occurrence and not a ‘one-off’. This is a clear example of why you should instruct specialist scooter and motorcycle claims solicitors to deal with your case.