In the personal injury claims business we often see cases where injuries turn out to be more than they seem. What seems like an innocuous sprain can turn into something much more sinister. This is a reason why we would advise anybody suffering from an accident at work or road traffic accident to see a doctor as soon as possible. Even if you think it’s minor at the time, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Unfortunately a severe injury is sometimes unavoidable, as this accident at work claim shows.

The accident at work occurred when our client was attempting to close over a large concertina shutter door. As he pulled the door back, it suddenly jammed and jarred our client’s shoulder. Despite thinking it was a minor strain at the time of the accident, over the coming days his injury worsened to the point of agony. MRI scans showed that he had torn cartilage and muscle in his shoulder.

An injection was administered by his doctor to lessen the pain, but unfortunately this only served to worsen his injury. He contracted an infection which ultimately led to severe pain and surgery to remove part of the bone and muscle around his shoulder. Permanent symptoms including the shoulder pain, an inability to lift his arm above shoulder level and a large scar are testament to how badly this injury escalated from what looked at first to be a simple strain.

A medical expert giving evidence said that, due to his serious shoulder injury, he would not be able to do manual work in the future. In light of this restriction on his future earnings, we factored this in to his claim for compensation. A claim for care and assistance was also included as he found it very difficult to care for himself both after the accident and after his surgery.

This accident at work claim settled for over £31,800. The amount awarded was a combination of a loss of earnings, care and assistance and of course his personal injury compensation. Our client now has a new career and we wish him all the best in succeeding with it.