At Lampkin & Co we have vast experience of dealing with personal injury claims including claims for injuries arising as a result of road traffic accidents.  Because of the volume of such claims insurance companies try all their tactics to defeat as many claims as possible thus saving themselves money and making more profit for their shareholders.

Most insurance companies have vast and well-funded PR Departments who put out spurious claims that most whiplash claims are fraudulently based.  This has given a public perception there is something dirty about claiming rightful compensation for such injuries and this makes people reluctant to claim.

One such incident recently occurred with us when we acted for a true and honest legal secretary who had had a nasty accident in a car park.  Our client suffered whiplash injuries to her neck and back and what looked like a straightforward claim soon turned into a major fight.

An allegation was made against her that her claim was based on fraud and the insurance company of the driver refused to pay out.  We interviewed our client extensively and were rightly convinced that she was presenting an honest claim.  We therefore issued court proceedings on her behalf and expended an enormous amount of effort in getting her compensation for her injuries.

We eventually produced sufficient evidence and used our legal skill to defeat allegations of fraud being made against our client and secured her £4,000.00 compensation for whiplash.  The insurance company then faced a sizeable bill for our legal work for which they were entirely the author of their own misfortune having made such a spurious but very damaging allegation against our client.

We use this case as an example to our other clients who face such allegations not to give up and to continue compensation for whiplash injuries even when faced with an allegation of fraud.