Beauty treatments are much more commonplace now than they ever have been. It seems as if every street has a salon of some kind, offering treatments such as waxing, tanning and hair styling. But what happens when these treatments are performed incorrectly, causing harm? What happens if the products themselves are harmful? Then you may be able to make a beauty treatment claim.

We have experience in dealing with these beauty treatment claims. One such client was preparing for her sister’s wedding when she was injured. She decided to go for a facial wax treatment at a salon close to her sister’s house. As she’d had this treatment many times before with no side-effects she saw no harm in going to this new salon.

She was aware of the wax they used feeling hotter than usual and was nonplussed when the lady re-applied the wax over the same areas another five times. After the treatment she noticed a redness to her face but considered this normal and that it would likely settle down within a few hours. This was not the case.

Upon waking the next morning, her face appeared to be burnt and scabs had started to form all over. The burns continued to sting and the skin did not heal for another three weeks. By this time she’d attended her sister’s wedding whilst still visibly burnt and in pain. What was meant to be a happy family celebration was totally ruined for her. She came to us to see if she could make a beauty treatment claim.

We arranged for her to see a consultant dermatologist who confirmed that the facial damage had been caused by the heat of the wax instead of an allergic reaction or harmful chemical. We successfully settled our client’s beauty treatment claim and are glad that we could help her to achieve an award of compensation for her injuries.