Bike V Tractor

We secured substantial damages in this case.

It is amazing how few photographs of accident scenes we actually see but here is a dramatic example of the immediate aftermath of our biker client’s accident when his Yamaha R6 motorcycle struck a tractor emerging from a minor road.

Our client has been a butcher all his working life was riding his pride and joy in the area of Doncaster. He was travelling behind a vehicle that indicated to turn left and duly turned. The client just  proceeded along the road however a tractor emerged from a minor road on his left causing a collision. As can be seen from the photograph taken at the scene the rider had no chance of avoiding a classic “sorry mate I didn’t see you” accident.

I have recently written an article that was published in The Rider’s Digest that is an analysis of how the human perception system can fail to see an approaching motorcycle and why this happens so regularly with experienced drivers such as the tractor driver in this case.

We looked after this client from start to finish making sure all aspects of his claim were recovered including the write off value of his bike, the full cost of his damaged helmet, loss of earnings and every penny of his financial loss. We also secured substantial damages for the severe injury he suffered to his leg amongst other multiple injuries.

The client is very happy with his outcome and has recently been to a bike show and sat on “every bike there until I found the one I felt comfortable with…….and bought it” he told me. He now has a shiny new Yamaha Fazer and is enjoying getting back out there although he admits “I still don’t like seeing tractors”. Hardly surprising really!