We are delighted with our success in acting for a motorcyclist injured in a collision with a Limousine, the first time we have had such a claim.

Our client was riding his Aprilia motorcyle in the outside of two lanes in the area of a very strange junction with a one way system when a Limousine emerged across two lanes knocking our client from his bike. He sustained damage to his beloved “Shiver” model and severe bruising and soft tissue injuries to various parts of his body but fortunately no broken bones.

The case was particularly complicated by the layout of the junction and the veracity of the defendant’s witness statements. We did not accept those at face value and obtained the police report, interviewed our own witnesses and obtained contrary evidence.

We, as a team of expert bike lawyers, always knew there was a case for our client despite a very forceful defence based on their witnesses. We used Google Earth and the recent Streetview facility to literally give us a ‘client’s eye view’ of the accident location at an early stage and based on our instincts we left no stone unturned. We mapped out the junction, interviewed all witnesses properly and produced enough evidence to blow the defence away leading to a good settlement in our first Bike v Limo case.