We acted for a scooter rider involved in a frightening accident occurring in London.

The client who works in the city has a scooter to nip around and take advantage of the free parking and congestion charges for bikes. Unfortunately as our client was filtering past a line of traffic at reasonable speed and very carefully (as confirmed by witnesses) a van to his left turned to the right and collided with him sending him “flying”.

The recent increase in fuel prices and costs of motoring are leading to an increase in scooter use and these filtering accidents are becomming very common. We are experts at analysing such scenarios and in this case we achieved a 100% award as we carried out a detailled examination of the junction and found that a right turn was actually prohibited there. We believe the van driver was attempting a dangerous U-turn procedure.

The client suffered multiple soft tissue injuries to his neck, shoulder and down to his achillies tendon. His injuries were said to resolve within 20 months post accident. This award is, in our opinion, towards the top of the range for such injuries but more importantly we recovered on a 100% basis in a “filtering” accident which is actually quite rare.