Our client was proceeding in the outside lane of three in a busy London road when a car to his left performed a completely unexpected and ridiculous U-turn right in front of him. He had no way of avoiding a collision with the rear quarter panel of the car and was thrown from his bike.

Fortunately his injuries have turned out to be reasonably short lasting having resolved within two years, however at the time it was suspected he had fractured his spine.

Indeed, he was treated for a spinal fracture at the scene and subsequently although the X-rays taken at the time have been impossible to read.

If the case had boiled down to a two year soft tissue neck injury a maximum award would have been around £4000 but we achieved well in excess of this as our expert medics could show that there was probably some small wedge fracture of a vertebrae.

With full recovery our client was pleased with the no fuss settlement we achieved.