We act for clients in many varieties of accident at work claims. The most common types are things such as manual handling claims which involve muscle injuries. These are the types of accidents which spring to mind when you think of accidents at work. We deal with a huge spectrum from these manual handling claims to those which get less of the limelight, such as burns claims.

We recently dealt with a case for a client who had made a burns claim for an accident at work. Our client worked in a kitchen at the time and cleaning the deep fat fryers at the end of the day was part of his daily duties. There should have been rubber gloves provided to protect employees from the hot oil. The gloves which were kept on the premises were severely damaged and had several splits in the rubber. This meant that it would actually have been more dangerous to use the gloves than not – if hot oil had entered through the splits, it would have run down the length of the arm and pooled in the fingers.

Unfortunately, as no adequate protection had been provided our client sustained oil burns on one of his hands whilst cleaning the fryer. He decided to bring his burns claim to us and we set about proving the facts of his case. Instructing expert personal injury lawyers was definitely the right move, as the defendant in this case disputed that his injuries were the fault of their damaged equipment. This was despite the fact our client had reported the gloves as damaged and been told to get on with cleaning the fryer until replacements arrived!

The burns claim was successful and our client received compensation for his injuries. We’re glad to have helped him defeat the defence put forward by the other side and wish him all the best for the future.