Care and assistance claims for help you’ve received after an accident are always taken into account when claiming compensation for personal injury. The help received from family, friends and paid carers if required can all be covered when making your personal injury claim. This is an important and often overlooked aspect of a claim; the stories splashed over the papers of sky-high settlements often contain sizeable amounts for this particular element.

The care itself is taken into account as well as any future care which will be required. In serious cases, this may well include the wages of a permanent carer or an adaptation to your home. We acted for a client where we recovered payment of the care he received from his family and the services of a cleaner hired to keep his home clean when he was unable to do so.

Our client was in a supermarket car park when he accidentally stepped back into a hole whilst putting his shopping into his car. The hole was caused by the removal of a grate cover, which had left the grate open. Despite being a dangerous trip hazard, this was not re-covered and it was well over a month after the accident when our client spotted that the problem area had been fixed.

The fall itself had caused damage to his knee, neck and back. He was helped up by passers-by who stayed with him until he could make his way home. The injuries caused him a number of problems, including the inability to bend down or kneel. He started to pay a cleaner to visit once a week in order to keep his house tidy. When he was examined by a medical expert, this was mentioned and the doctor agreed that this was entirely reasonable given the restrictions caused by his injuries.

We reached a settlement in this case which included an element of the cleaner’s fees (our client had helpfully kept the receipts) and family care in addition to his personal injury compensation. You never know how an accident will affect your life or ability to do things independently, so it is comforting to know that additional expenses like these will be included as a part of a personal injury claim.