As specialist personal injury lawyers in the Chester area, we get many local clients who’ve been injured in an accident at work. Many firms don’t tend to focus solely in one area of law. This has a side effect in that they don’t have a defined expertise. As all of our focus is on personal injury, we feel confident that providing the best service we can to all of our clients both in Chester and beyond.

A local client came to us recently in order to deal with his accident at work claim. He’d used us previously and been very happy with the results so decided to stick with personal injury lawyers he knew and trusted. Our client had been moving pallets in the factory where he worked when a colleague pushed a pallet truck over his foot. This had left him with a severely bruised and swollen foot. His doctor signed him off work for the next month.

As an accident at work claim can be made for injuries caused by employees who are performing their duty at the time, we were able to proceed with our client’s claim for compensation. There was an initial medical examination once his claim got off the ground, which is standard for a personal injury claim. The examining medical expert found that our client’s foot was still swollen several months after the accident.

An offer was received to settle our client’s claim but this was very low considering the injuries and amount of time off work. We conducted some research and found case law from a very similar claim which was settled in court. This was used to support our client’s case and to give an accurate measure of the compensation he could expect to receive. This persuaded the employers’ solicitors to up their offer to a much more reasonable amount.

We’re glad to have been able to use our legal skills to help our client get the level of compensation that he deserved for his foot injury claim. This goes to show that when making a claim for compensation, you should look to instruct specialist personal injury lawyers.