The duty of an employer to protect people affected by its actions extends to protecting others from the actions of its employees. If an employee of a company causes somebody an injury in the course of their job, there is a case for the company to be liable. This means that compensation can be recovered if this liability is established. This means that civil claims may be made against an employer for criminal acts such as assault if the correct conditions are met.

We dealt with a case recently where a client of ours was assaulted by a delivery van driver. Our client was a cyclist coming to work on an industrial estate. Just outside, he was cut up by a driver of a delivery van heading for the same estate. Our client stopped outside to speak to the driver, who then got out of his vehicle and pushed our client off his bike and on to the ground.

The ambulance service came to help our client as his shoulder had been dislocated by the assault. The police took statements from witnesses and our client was taken to hospital; his shoulder was put back into place after he was given general anaesthetic.

We submitted to the driver’s employers that the actions of their driver were so closely related to his job that they should be held responsible for the damage he had caused. As the incident was caused by dangerous driving in the course of his job, the employer admitted liability for our client’s injuries.

It’s important to be able to claim compensation for injuries caused by others in cases like this. If you’re injured and it’s not your fault, compensation can help you to get past your injuries and carry on with your life. It can never hurt to find out whether you can claim!