Some cases are just too complex to be handled by anyone other than a specialist. As we only deal with personal injury cases, we have the skillset required to settle cases which are daunting for those firms who don’t have a well-defined expertise. We recently settled a fall from height case which was complex to say the least. Not only was the client seriously injured, but there were legal problems which would require specialist personal injury lawyers to solve.

Our client was injured in a fall from height at work. He was hired to work on a project converting a mansion into flats. He was working on a scaffold removing some brickwork on the day of the accident. As he stepped down from the scaffolding onto the floor, the floor gave way. He plummeted fifteen feet downwards into the lower level of the building, catching his arm on a joist during his descent. Upon landing on the floor below he was knocked unconscious.

Once in hospital he was diagnosed with a spinal wedge fracture – his back was broken in two places. This serious back injury left him in a body brace and hospitalised him. After being released he was required to wear a spinal brace for another four and a half months to help his back heal as best it could. There had been a deep laceration to his arm where our client had caught it on the joist during his fall. This had left a large scar and caused numbness and pain in his arm.

The difficulties in this case lay in who to bring the fall from height claim against. Our client had been hired to work by one company, but the site was maintained and inspected by another. To make matters worse, one of the companies had become bankrupt and closed down. Luckily our client had specialist personal injury lawyers on his side. We set about researching the law in this area as it was obviously going to be a complex case.

After much investigation and hard work we managed to identify a way in which we could put a hold on the dissolution of the company so that our client could make his claim for compensation. This eventually resulted in an admission of their fault for the accident at work and a settlement of over £52,000 for our client. We’re proud to have found a way to help our client get compensation for his serious back injury after a fall from height.