Driving on a country lane at any time can be dangerous; drivers are always advised to keep speed to a minimum and be vigilant, as these tend to be narrow and full of blind corners. Country lane accidents can be especially plentiful in the winter months. These tend not to be gritted or cleared of snow and ice as a main road would usually be. It’s understandable then that the tricky road conditions combined with the narrowness of the roads and blind bends can easily cause country lane accidents.

We recently acted for a client who suffered an accident on a country lane. He was driving his van in snowy weather on a narrow road, using caution to avoid sliding on the dangerous surface. He spotted a car coming from the opposite direction and so he stopped at the side of the road to allow it to pass.

The other vehicle was travelling faster than they should due to the poor conditions and so when the car started to slide, the driver was unable to stop in time. The car hit the front driver’s side of our client’s van and caused extensive damage. His head hit the window and he suffered neck and shoulder injuries as a result of the collision. Police closed off the road and he was checked over in hospital.

Our client had to sell his business some months later as he found he simply couldn’t continue doing jobs involving heavy lifting. Thankfully he was able to get a new job which placed less physical strain on him and allowed him to better recover from his injuries.

This country road accident should serve as a reminder that safety must come first, especially in poor driving conditions. Had the other driver slowed down to a safer speed, he would likely have avoided skidding his car and colliding with our client’s vehicle.

Our client recovered the value of his van, which was written off, as part of his claim. Added to the compensation for his injuries, he was able to recover a substantial amount which we hope will help him move on from his accident.