Country lane collisions involving just two drivers and no witnesses are notoriously difficult to fully win and usually end up in a 50-50 settlement. We have just won one on a 100% basis thanks to great “at the scene” photos and equally great work by our legal team.

Acting for a local client who was referred to us by existing clients we were presented with the ususal country lane scenario. Our client was a delivery driver in his Transit van on a single track country lane in North Wales. Tall hedges on either side made forward visibility around corners very difficult.

As our client approached a left hand turn he saw a vehicle coming toward him and pulled as far to the left as possible and stopped. The other vehicle was travelling too fast and hit him causing substantial damage and an 8 month whiplash injury. Both parties claimed against each other and both insurers immediately wanted to settle the case on a 50-50 basis, as is now very common in such cases.

Fortunately our client had taken exceptionally good mobile phone pictures showing the angle of impact and skid marks. From these we were able to carry out our own accident reconstruction showing the fault lay squarely with the other driver. We were so committed to this case that we issued court proceedings and were prepared to go all the way to trial to support our client on a no win no fee basis.

Eventually the insurers on the other side accepted our argument, settled in full and withdrew their claim. A stunning, hard fought and very pleasing result for a deserving professional driver client.