You may be entitled to make a dental negligence claim.

You may be entitled to make a dental negligence claim.

Everybody knows the importance of regular dental check-ups. The prevention of gum disease and tooth decay is vital, but it is also necessary to have faith in your dentist to be able to identify problems and treat them well. Sadly this may not always be the case. A dentist may not identify an obvious problem or perform a procedure incorrectly or unreasonably. On occasions such as this may be a potential dental negligence claim. We’ve dealt with many such dental negligence claims, such as the case below.

Our client had been in for an emergency dental appointment because of toothache. She was examined by a dentist who told her that nothing was wrong. Not convinced by this due to her ongoing pain, our client sought the opinion of a second dental surgeon in another practice.

This second dentist advised that she needed an emergency extraction, which was performed shortly afterwards. The first dentist had clearly failed to spot what was a severe problem with her tooth.

This was not the last time she experienced issues with this particular dentist. When a filling came loose and required re-fitting she attended the surgery, then was assigned the same dentist who failed to spot the problem with her other tooth. He administered an injection and begun to drill.

Our client could still feel the pain, so he stopped drilling to wait for the injection to take effect. He resumed shortly after, but this time our client’s protests about the pain were ignored. His continued drilling caused severe pain to our client.

This dental negligence claim was not without difficulty, as the dentist relocated to another country shortly after the start of the claim. Nonetheless we continued with the case and persevered, securing compensation for the pain and suffering of our client.