We recently acted for a client who had a nasty accident and suffered a bad knee injury when he fell from the back of a lorry after trying to break a seal with a spanner to put on a hose. The client came off the back of the lorry and fell on what looked like the intake tubes which caused his left knee to twist. The result was cartilage and ligament damage, common symptoms of a knee-twisting injury.

The assessment of compensation is always difficult and is to reflect the pain suffering and loss of amenity sustained. In this case, the client took a short time off work and then tried to continue working. A few months later, however, the pain became unbearable and he had to consult a specialist.

The case was not straight forward. The defendants were adamant that as he had carried on working, the injuries sustained must not have been that bad. However, as our client discovered after consulting the specialist, the initial trauma to the knee had caused damage and with time it was getting worse. The specialists report fully backed our client and the defendants paid out a sum of £5000.00.

Our client is delighted with the outcome of this case.